FitMalta - Frequently Asked Questions

Does calorie counting work?

Yes. Keeping track of your calories with a food diary is simple and effective, and it has been proven in multiple scientific studies.

Moreover, it has been proven by our members - read some of their success stories. Calories are the bottom line, and FitMalta is the best way to track them, help you eat better, balance what you eat, drink and do.

How does FitMalta calculate Calorie Budget for me?

FitMalta uses several formulas to estimate your weight maintenance calorie needs, and then helps you plan your diet based on this estimate.

What makes FitMalta the best online food diary?

Its comprehensiveness and ease-of-use. Daily food tracking can take 10-20 minutes on other apps & websites, but only a few minutes with FitMalta thanks to our Ingredients Search / Category groups / Favorite / Recipes etc. We feature a huge food database - over a million foods, and simple, streamlined web pages.

How does FitMalta calculate Calorie Budget for me?

A FitMalta account is required to sync the data between your FitMalta mobile or tablet app and online tracking at website.

The FitMalta app can be downloaded from Google Play or the iOS App Store, like any other mobile app. Downloading and installing an iOS app on your iPhone or iPad device requires you to sign in with your Apple ID, and downloading Android apps on your Android phone or tablet requires you to sign in with your Google Account to the Google Play store.

Once you've downloaded the app, you have to set it up with your personal diet info.

Having a FitMalta account means your records entered on the iPhone, iPad or Android apps are safely stored in the cloud (on servers) and could be restored on another phone after app installation.

Please note that your FitMalta account is not the same as your Apple ID or Google account. You may use the same email as your Apple ID or Google account, but they will not be linked.

Furthermore, if you use a social login to create an account, you have to use the same social login method every time you sign in to FitMalta.

To sync between the apps and the website, you have to sign in with the same FitMalta credentials on both platforms, as well as have a working internet connection.

Please note that if you go to on the web browser on your phone, the phone's web browser will not know about the FitMalta app and you will be offered to sign up for FitMalta online and create a new account. If you create a new FitMalta account, it does not automatically link to your account in the app. To access your existing data data, you have to create an account in the app first, and then sign in on the web, using the same sign in method (FitMalta or social sign in).

FitMalta - General Questions

Managing iOS Subscriptions

If you have achieved your goals with FitMalta or just changed your mind, you need to cancel your subscription to stop auto-renewal after the current billing cycle. If you purchased the FitMalta Premium subscription on the App Store, you have to cancel your subscription in your settings:

Please see Apple's view, change, or cancel your subscription support article for more information.

If Apple has charged you by mistake, please contact iTunes Customer Support for a refund. All refunds are handled by Apple. Please see iOS App Store Refunds for detailed information. You can also see Apple's support article regarding the refund process and how to identify Apple ID used for this purchase.

Please note that if you paid for a FitMalta Premium subscription on FitMalta website, we provide a 7-day money-back guarantee with a full refund, no questions asked. Our support team will issue a full refund within 24 hours of your cancellation request if you are eligible for a refund. It may take up to 3 business days to receive your refund.

Water Tracking and Glass Size

The standard Glass of Water is 200ml

FitMalta provides water tracking because many people want to track it, to ensure they drink enough fluids. In Water Tracker settings, you can adjust the size of glass, change units, and more. The charts will be based on the logged daily records.

What is Personal Activity Level in FitMalta

FitMalta uses Activity Level for estimating your calorie needs while creating your weight plan.


A person engages in typical daily living activities (shopping, cooking, laundry, walking a few minutes to and from car/bus/train) but sits for much of the day. Sample occupations: computer programmers, office and phone jobs.

Low Active

Sedentary activities above PLUS 30-60 minutes of MODERATE daily activities (e.g. walks 2 km at 3-4 mph). Sample occupations: school teachers, cashiers, retail workers, and stay-at-home parents with active children.


Sedentary activities above PLUS 60-120 minutes of MODERATE activities (e.g. walks more than 5km daily). Sample occupations: restaurant servers, light construction workers, cleaning professionals, and nursing.

Very Active

Sedentary activities above PLUS 60 minutes or more of moderate activities PLUS 60 minutes of vigorous activity (or 120 minutes or more of moderate activity). Occupations: lumberjacks, heavy construction workers, and professional athletes (during their competitive and training seasons).

Personal Activity Level of the average person can be estimated by any pedometer. Your level is "Sedentary" if you make less than 7500 steps per day, the "Low Active" if you make less than 10,000 steps per day, the "Active" if you make less than 12,500 steps per day.

How does FitMalta calculate BMI index?

The standard Glass of Water is 200ml

Body Mass Index (BMI) tells if your target weight or your current weight is in a healthy range when you are planning your diet. FitMalta calculates BMI using BMI formula published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. BMI is calculated and displayed for your information on the Dashboard.

Which diet should I follow?

FitMalta does not require following some specific diet or eliminating some foods, but you can do that if you want to. This is up to your dietary preferences. Some people try to reduce carbs, some try to cut fats. Generally, you want to eat healthily and stay within your nutrition plan set up by you in FitMalta to meet your weight goals. You can keep eating your favorite foods, but you may need to do this in moderation, to make sure your nutrition is balanced . FitMalta Food Color code helps quickly estimate food and drinks to show nutritional information with details on the energy, fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt content. The information can cover either per

100g/100ml of the food or drink or per portion, or alternatively it can include both. The colour- coded system makes it easy for customers to see whether the contents are high or low. Red means high, amber means medium and green is low. Red doesn't mean you can't eat the product but it is advised that you should cut down on eating too many foods with red on their labels as they can be unhealthy for you. Premium Member - Ingredients & Recipes Category , allow to filter out the system ingredients or recipes matched your diet.

Premium Membership Diet Plans

On the Premium Membership - FitMalta App will automatically calculate and create a daily menu in order to help you achieve your goal. Choose from one of the Diet Plans : Detox Diet Plan / Low Carb / Healthy Heart Diet Plan / Gluten Free Diet Plan / Vegetarian Diet Plan / Paleo Diet Plan / Weight - Muscle Gain Diet Plan.

Or alternative you can use Keto Diet Calculator or Metabolic Diet Calculator . The calculator helps you find your nutrition needs on a Ketogenic diet or on Metabolic Diet. Proper fat, protein, and carb intake is essential - and FitMalta app makes it simple!

Is Nutrition Facts showing uncooked or cooked food?

FitMalta typically has several kinds of the same food, both cooked and uncooked. If the food name does not include words "cooked" or "uncooked" or "raw," then Nutrition Facts are for the most common form of consumption of this food. For meats and grains - cooked, for fruits and vegetables - raw or uncooked.

If you are in doubt, please try adding "raw," or "fresh," or "cooked" to your food search, to find more matching foods.

Premium Member - Recipes; low-carb, keto, GF, vegetarian, low salt etc diets

Premium Recipes include recipes suitable for low-carb, keto, gluten-free, paleo, low fat , Mediterranean , low carb , diabetic friendly and other diets plus for each meal ; breakfast , lunch or dinner.

The easiest way to quickly locate them is to use the Categories button during premium recipe search.

Meals Log

The Meals Log allows you to record and analyze your food intake. It uses your Calories & Weight Plan to provide immediate analysis.

Food Barcode Scanner

Food Scanner is a simple barcode grocery scanner that lets you quickly discover a food's ingredient information. It's a useful essential if you care about the food you eat. And it's ideal for those people with specific diets, such as low fat / low salt / low calorie etc. Once you scanned you can add to your shopping list or to record on your daily diary.

Activities and Exercises

On the Daily page, you could enter activities for each day. Having weekly activity plan gives you some flexibility on which days you could accomplish the activities and does not set off alerts as long as you meet your weekly activity plan.

Activity entry is very similar to food entry - you can type activity names directly in the Exercise Tracker - Add Exercise - Search & Log Exercise then use Exercise Category to browse and select activities and exercises - choose Specific Motions and add time ( how many minutes the exercise took time) . Then Save Exercise . On the Exercise Diary will display the amount of calories burnt.

Alternative you can choose Personal Training and choose from a Professional created Exercise Plan : New to Exercise / Body Toning /Weight Loss / Muscle Building etc Plans or Track Gym Exercise individually and create your own Gym Exercise Plan.